About – Supercharge

The private equity fund we wish had existed

Private Equity was for far too long about cost-cutting and making little to no economic impact.
We’re here to change that.

Create economic impact by enabling founders to
accelerate the growth of technological companies.


Aligned interests. We’re about building great, sustainable businesses.

Founders get a peace of mind by cashing out partially. We’re flexible.

Funding when it makes sense. We’re advocates of profitable businesses.

Decades worth of experience in building companies. We’re entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs first

Founders are the ones we care about the most. We’re not your bosses. We’re here to help and add value.


We like simple business concepts, transaction terms, as well as straightforward legal documents.

No bull**** attitude. No tricks. No gimmicks

You’ll always know what we’re doing, what the rationales behind our decisions are, etc. We talk openly and simply.

Make positive economic impact

We strive to generate value by accelerating their growth, not by reducing employment or salaries.

Save the planet

We accelerate the transition to being CO2 neutral / negative at all companies we invest in, as well as the ones we’ve founded.